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Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental

Corporate events are not always solely about business. Often, they also serve as opportunities for networking, team building, or simply decompressing after a long week. It is important to make sure that your corporate events are not only productive but also entertaining in order to encourage attendance and participation.

Photo booths strike the perfect balance between classy and fun. They allow guests to snap a few creative pictures to show friends and family, as well as provide a souvenir to remember your event by. San Antonio Photo Booth Rental offers a variety of rental packages to accommodate the needs of various corporate event. From office parties to conferences, our photo booths will fit right into your event.

Advanced Photo Booth Technology

It is important to put your company’s best face forward during a corporate event. That is why nothing but the latest in photo booth technology will do. Our company offers cutting edge photo booths with top of the line cameras to capture clear, sharp images for your guests.

Our photos always come out looking professional, elegant, and classy. We can add your logo to the printed photo or provide themed props that fit your brand image to further promote your brand identity.

Comprehensive Services

Our photo booths can be set up in any location of your choice. Let us know which venue you need us to deliver your photo booth to and we will make sure that it gets there on time for your event.

Our team handles the setup, take down, and any required maintenance during your event. We want our customers to enjoy a smooth, stress-free experience. That is why we will not hesitate to go above and beyond to tailor our photo booth rental packages to the needs of our customers and provide our full support to make sure everything goes according to plans.

Professional and Posh

It can be difficult to host a corporate event that is both professional and entertaining at the same time. There is a fine line between what is acceptable within a corporate environment and what is not. Photo booths offer a safe way to introduce something fun and new to your corporate event.

Our photo booths can be customized any way you would like in order to better fit the theme of your event or convey your brand image.

Office Parties, Conferences, and More

It is likely that many of the guests who attend your corporate event will be taking pictures throughout the course of the day. By providing a photo booth, you give attendees chance to take a few fun snaps that can instantly be printed out on the spot for them to keep.

Whether your event is an office holiday party or conference, San Antonio Photo Booth Rental can provide you with photo booths that will get your guests talking. Our photo booths produce stunning pictures that anyone will gladly add to a photo album or picture wall.


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