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Prom Photo Booth Rental

In addition to the venue, catering, and DJ, any great prom will also have activities and entertainment to keep everyone engaged. Prom photo booth rentals can be a great way to treat students to a fun surprise. They will be delighted by the unique and silly photos that they can take and keep as souvenirs.

San Antonio Photo Booth Rental provides cheap photo booth rental packages to ensure that no matter your budget, prom will be a night to remember.

Memorable Evening

Often, the cost of organizing a prom for students is covered through fundraising and ticket sales. For many high schools, this means working within a very tight budget to ensure that prom is affordable for all students. Despite the need to adhere to a budget, it is nevertheless important to make sure that the event does not lack in glamor, class, and style. This will be a memorable event for the students in attendance, which means it is crucial to have all the right elements to make sure that guests will have a blast.

Our photo booths are the highlight of any event. They keep guests entertained throughout the duration of the event and give everyone something to take home as a souvenir at the end of the night.

Glamorous Photos

Without a doubt, students will be taking pictures of every moment of their day on the date of the prom event. From photos while getting ready to snaps of the limousine ride, there will be no shortage of pictures to remember the day by. However, the majority of pictures from prom will likely remain in digital form and many may get lost over time as students upgrade their phones, clear their hard drives, or forget the password to their cloud service. At the end of the day, there is nothing like having a physical photo to add to your wall or put in a frame.

Our photo booths have high definition cameras that produce photos that are vibrant and clear. The exceptional quality of the photos are sure to be nothing short of red carpet photography.

Hassle-Free Rental

Prom organizers are typically saddled with numerous responsibilities. From planning every detail of the event to chaperoning students on the day of the prom, there often isn’t any extra time or energy to expend on extraneous matter.

That is why San Antonio Photo Booth Rental includes delivery and setup as part of our services. When you book a package with us, it is easy and hassle-free.

Affordable Photo Booths for Prom

The final year of high school often flies by for students. Between applying to colleges and studying for exams, most have hardly had time to enjoy their last days as high school students. Prom is a reward for the time, effort, and hard work that students put into their senior year to make it to graduation day.

For many, it will be one of the last special events they will celebrate together as classmates. That is why it needs to be a glamorous, unforgettable evening that they can fondly look back on for the rest of their lives. Our affordable photo booths can help make your prom a red carpet event even without a massive budget.


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