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Graduation Photo Booth Rental

San Antonio Photo Booth Rental offers top of the line photo booths for all special occasions. Our photos capture stunning, lively images that reflect the joy and spirit of your event.

If you are organizing a graduation party, our photo booths are the perfect extra touch to make your event memorable and fun for all your guests. While young adults are used to taking digital photos, there is still something special about physical photo that they can put up in their room or slip into their wallet.

Graduation Party

As children enter into early adulthood, many of their interests begin to change or evolve. This can make party planning a challenge for well-meaning parents. Clowns, bounce houses, and other activities that they once loved at their birthday parties no longer hold the same appeal. It is sometimes difficult to get used to the idea that your son or daughter is no longer a child.

Today, young adults are more interested in photography than ever. Social media combined with the availability of a camera on every smartphone and tablet means that every moment of their lives is captured in pictures and selfies. A photo booth rental is a great way to ensure that your son or daughter and their friends have a blast at your graduation party.

Rent a Photo Booth

Photo booth rentals for a graduation party are simple, affordable, and convenient. Once you have finalized your booking, our team takes care of the rest. There is nothing for you to worry about or stress over.

On the day of your event, we will deliver the photo booth to your location and set it up for you. Packages range from one hour of rental to full day rentals. If you have special requests or specific needs, we will gladly tailor a custom package to accommodate your event.

Unique Graduation Photos

Graduation day is a very important milestone in a young person’s life. The countless nights of lost sleep, the hours of studying and homework, and all the stress and struggle are finally about to pay off. While there are still many challenges that lay ahead, they are one step closer to fulfilling their dreams.

It is certainly a cause for celebration and no celebration is complete without beautiful photos to remember the occasion by. Years down the road, when your son or daughter is getting ready to start their career or settle down and have a family of their own, you will be glad to have these pictures to look back on.

Party Entertainment

Entertainment can come in many forms. Our photo booths offer much more than just photography on the day of your graduation party. With an assortment of photo booth props and fun backdrops included in every rental package, guests will enjoy many laughs as they take fun or silly pictures throughout the duration of the party.

At the end of the day, every guest will be able to take home a special, one-of-a-kind graduation photo.


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